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Jew's Harp By D. Glazyrin Jaw Harp Khomus Mouth Harp Russian Vargan Maultrommel

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Recording Studios Sydney : the Jew's harp, additionally referred to as jaw's harp, juice harp, or guimbard , musical instrument consisting of a thin wood or metal tongue fastened at one finish to the base of a two-pronged frame. Close your lips around the harp with its tongue sticking out. Yakuts have been known for their blacksmith abilities for a very long time. You want very small palms to handle this miniature Jew's harp. First of all, we wish to draw your attention to th... Read Full Post »

Melbourne Music Centre

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The Jaw Harp is a small traditional rhythmic instrument. It is without doubt one of the oldest instrument created by mankind and present nearly in all places on the planet with totally different shapes and materials that can be relatively different, identical to the way in which it's played it different in accordance with every tradition using it.
They are comparatively straightforward to play and are a certain-fireplace technique to get some attention at any musical gathering. A bamboo or p...
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